Donna Ellis Astrologer Author The Moon Horoscope Astrology Reading Session
"Listening to your recordings I am blown away by the timing and reading of the charts, as usual! You have such a gift for reading the planets and you can quote me on that :)"
"Donna has been a gift for me personally. Due to issues with my birthplace country and exact location, I've never received a chart that made sense. Most never took the time to address those concerns. Donna asked a few questions about the birthplace and in the end it changed everything.
I was astounded. She explained things with simple examples that are easy to understand. 
I am so happy and excited. 
I highly encourage anyone who wants a real and gifted person to look into their chart to contact Donna."
Alison O.
"Donna is a wonderfully gifted astrologer. I treat myself to one of her solar return horoscopes for my birthday each year. Highly recommended!"
Toni Snidow
"Donna is a gifted astrologer. I had a private birth chart session with her and have also attended her astrology and her meditation classes. She delights in interpreting your chart, pulling out the little synchronicities and odd bits of info that you’d never find in a book or online. I appreciated the insight, but it was also just fun to watch her work! I highly recommend her services."
Jenny Clifton
"All of this is such great information and I feel like I have the tools I need to go into this project with my best foot forward."
"Enjoyed the class. Add me to your newsletter list. Looking forward to more of your wit and wisdom."
"Receiving guidance from Donna is what it must feel like for the lucky plants in her garden — her exquisite attention, profound skill, and gentle encouragement would make any living thing blossom.

She wields her deep astrological knowledge with precision and empathy, and has a special talent for interpreting the sky story in ways that make it actionable and useful. Her heartening perspective has saved my life more than once."
Jennifer G.
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