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[UPDATE 2021 0923 01]
BROWSERS, as of September 23, 2021, until further updated provided by manufacturers or providers.
WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU: Your experience of this and other websites may be affected by the app or software listed.  See ‘contact the office’ at the end of top paragraph to get direct help from website owner for subscriptions, payments, or membership access. Thank you.

We have been made aware that the following browsers provide the best experience for viewing and using this site. This is due to choices made by technology companies and does not express an opinion or preference by, Planetary Astrology, or Donna Ellis. Support for browsers is offered and/or guaranteed only by the individual app or software company. Contact them for technical support. The information about updates to the following desktop browsers, which may affect your use of this or other websites, have been presented to us, with experience caveats, by third-party providers.

Browser support

 “For any browsers not on this list, the buttons could continue work, but compatibility is not guaranteed.

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  • * Internet Explorer version 11 and later (Cannot guarantee the best experience with this browser)”

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