I greatly appreciate your interest in my work. I live in America, but like many of you, I work online.

My clients range in age from teens to well into their 70s, and are from all over our wonderful world, and its diverse cultural backgrounds.

Astrology is an ancient symbolic language, expressed by individuals through their natal chart, and enhanced by conversations with visitors to that natal chart–transits. Just as we do, our charts ‘grow’, in a way that is expressed by progressions. For such sessions, I typically look at solar return, secondary progressed, and solar arc directed charts for clients in my practice.

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Since 1973, I have experienced sessions with many different astrologers. As their client, I realized that I was drawn to a practitioner for what seemed to be a special reason. Trained astrologers translate the same symbolic language, but achieve greater fluency in a particular area, like a regional dialect in any language. Or, the course of their own life has given them command over a defining vocabulary, just as someone who has read a certain area of literature, or produced a body of work in fine art.

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Clients come to me by referral or chance. In my experience, astrology works best if we use it to re-calibrate or regain our internal compass. Release the voice in an area of life that seems dormant, including our innate talent and ideas. Find our character in the face of challenges. Define and own an elegant way through unanticipated changes in status or values. Understand our tone, style and mood so we may communicate with the important people in our life. Or heed our own inner voice, and work in midlife to prevent a golden years bucket list.

Key to successful navigation of anything is to come to terms not only with why and how, but to take the first step forward. Preparation helps. We may use traffic and weather reports to determine travel conditions, and steel ourselves for the mood around us.

The energetics of astrology are not about fate. We don’t wait for things to be done to us. We do our best when we make responsible preparation, operate from the most honorable part of who we are, take the best available route, and stay alert for shifts in road conditions.

I appreciate your interest.

Wishing you all good things,

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