Updated September 16, 2020

Thank you for visiting Observatory Arts. I’m astrologer Donna Ellis. I greatly appreciate your interest in my work.

Due to Covid-19, the ways in which I deliver my work have changed.

Since early 2019, I no longer meet clients in person. This will not change after Covid-19. The online sessions allow people to have their information without travel. We meet live via Zoom. Please see the SERVICES page to selection from the menu of session length options.

For those who attended the in-person astrology group, held on Sundays in Austin, that group has moved online. The group is now conducted as a live webinar. Although I miss seeing each of you face-to-face, the online group has opened up new possibilities, including that those of you who have moved away can now participate. If has been very exciting. I live in America, but like many of you, I work online. I continue to serve new and returning individual clients with astrology sessions. My clients range in age from teens to well into their 70s, and are from all over our wonderful world, and its diverse cultural backgrounds.

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Colleagues and representatives of media are invited to contact me this way. I’ve made the prompts as easy as possible so that your distinguished self is not mistaken for adverts or spam. I appreciate your consideration.

Individuals may wish to sign up for my newsletter. If you just found me, you don’t have to hunt through my blogs and social media. If you’ve joined me in-person over recent years, you won’t have to miss our old Sunday classes and meetings. They are now online, live, weekly. And attendees still have the opportunity to offer their chart for discussed in relation to the specific topic of that day.

The newsletter, From the Observatory is designed to neatly deliver access to everything I do and how to join in. It is free. It contains the usual offerings of encouragement from me, and any witty or useful gleanings from others, in addition to a calendar and links to my work. Maybe best of all, it includes some benefits offered to subscribers seasonally, or on occasion.

I am trained in and I practice western astrology. Reach out for individual consultations, find existing workshops, or request a special topic be presented to your group of five (5) to twenty (20), online.

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