Astrology 90-Minute Consultation


A 90-minute astrology session. For new clients, and for returning clients who wish a longer session.

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Thank you for your interest in an astrology session with me.  Please read the Terms/FAQs and Policy page.

For all new clients, I recommend 90 minutes for our first session.  As a new client, I will want to know if you have had a previous chart session with an astrologer, or if you are new to this work.

All sessions take place on Zoom.  Once you book, I will contact you. Please have your birth data (date, time, and location of birth) available.

During the session, we will look at your natal chart, progressions, and important transits. This may be for your general self-knowledge, or with a special focus on any issues you currently wish to discuss.

You are buying a 90-minute astrology session. Requires selection of an appointment. Delivered as a 90 minute live online meeting.