astrology chart session 90 minutes


astrology chart session 90 minutes



Plus Near-Term Transits and Progressions

By video conference with astrologer Donna Ellis


NEW ASTROLOGY CLIENTS: If I have not discussed your Natal Chart with you, I encourage you to book this 90-minute session rather than a 60-minute one. The time goes quickly, especially during this important first conversation (a/k/a astrology reading) about your astrology chart (sometimes called reading or horoscope).  In addition, we’ll talk about the most important astrological transits to your chart for the coming 6 to 12 months, and anything I may discover in your progressed charts. (For those who need to save money in these difficult economic times, I do offer pandemic/low-income rates. Please reach out to discuss.)

RETURNING ASTROLOGY CLIENTS: Unless you have a major life shift, or a big project coming, please consider the 60-minute astrology chart session (a/k/a astrology reading). That lets us focus on a specific question with regard to your progressed charts and the transit forecast around your natal chart. We can cover 6 to 12 month, as suits you. Either way, please see Additional Information, below. I have a new booking system. Should you need to discuss or if you’re having difficulty deciding which to choose, please reach out.

GIFT SESSIONS: please be sure the recipient truly wants an astrology session.  Once purchased, you, the buyer, will receive an email with booking instructions to direct to the gift recipient.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: In advance of our meeting, I review your natal chart; I prepare three progressed charts based upon your natal chart; and I also prepare transits to your natal chart. Unless otherwise directed by you, I cover the 12 months following the session. The progressed charts include your Solar Return Chart (annual date and time when your natal Sun returns to the degree and minute of its position at your birth), Secondary Progression (a focus on the Moon/mood of the year ahead), and Solar Arc Direction (a special progressed chart based the number of years since your birth). The Transits (position of planets now and in the months ahead) I examine are in relation to your Natal chart.

WHAT ASTROLOGY SHOWS US: We make choices and changes throughout our lifetime. The most ordinary choices may be more important than big goals. Clients typically feel the changes indicated by their transits and progressions. Something usually inspires the client to book a session. The astrology shows me what is going on. It may feel to you like an undercurrent, or something you’ll “ask about next time.” Still, it stands out in in the chart research.  If you don’t bring it up, I will.

Please have your own calendar handy. As soon as you purchase a session, the system sends you a pass to my scheduling calendar. Please select a day and time when you will be fully available to speak privately on a video call. Simple step-by-step directions are given in the email.

This is a new feature on my site as of May 2021. A couple of clients have neglected to complete the booking, so please note:

Even after you pay for the session, you are not scheduled for a session time until you choose it on from the schedule and click the SUBMIT button at bottom of the calendar booking page.

I do not have a wait list feature at this time. Get in touch with me if you cannot find what you need, especially if you are living GMT or east of there.

Once you set your day and time, I receive a notification. Zoom is not yet automated, so I shall be in touch with a Zoom meeting link as soon as possible.

I hope that this new system is trouble free for you. It saves so much back and forth.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to our conversation. I’ll see you soon.

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