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DONNA practices western astrology, and is based in Austin, Texas (central US time zone).
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Donna was intrigued by astrology as a young girl. Her introduction to the subject was a drugstore horoscope annual.

By age 16, Donna had found friends with similar interests, and her first astrology mentor. She also studied yoga, meditation, and intuition. She continues her practices to this day.

As a young woman, Donna lived in Los Angeles, and worked in entertainment and media. She spent time on stage as a musician, on radio as a news broadcaster, and finally behind the scenes in film and television.

Donna’s clients, aged teens through seventies, come from diverse backgrounds, and international birthplaces. Since 2018, her practice has been entirely online. She also hosts live, biweekly astrology webinars open to subscribers and the public.

She is a frequent moderator or guest for astrology and metaphysics discussions, organized by both secular and spiritual groups. Her work is
based upon more than forty-five years of study and practice in a
variety of esoteric subjects.

Find Donna on her WEBSITE and Facebook PAGE. Book an individual astrology CONSULTATION. Or join the GROUP, and learn about the astrology of next new moon or full moon.


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DONNA ELLIS was born in New York City. She went to high school in Houston, Texas. In college, she was a studio art and English major, and attended Santa Monica College, Austin Community College, and Texas State San Marcos.

Donna practices western astrology; is an associate member of the American Federation of Astrologers; received a Professional Forecasting credential from The London School of Astrology.

In 2018, Donna shifted her client practice to online only. All individual astrology consultations are conducted ONLINE. Clients usually ask her to record the session. The clients receives a cloud link to audio and video for further review.

Donna conducts a biweekly astrology WEBINAR. It is open to the public by paid RSVP, and to Member subscribers.

New for 2021 is a MEMBER SUBSCRIPTION service. Those who subscribe benefit from automatic RSVP, with a discount, to each of the biweekly webinars, and any bonus events with Astrology LIVE Online, in addition to a special annual birthday rate for a 60-minute astrology session.

Have Donna prepare a free copy of your Natal Chart (not a free “reading”/consultation) in exchange for joining her NEWSLETTER, and hear about anything Donna makes available, including future in-person events. She hopes to resume public speaking as soon as it is safe to do so, in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio areas. 

Based in Austin, Texas (US central TIME ZONE). Donna serves clients across time zones. Wherever you may be, a mutually-agreeable arrangement will be made for your consultation.


To Book Donna to speak by online meeting to your Private Group, or to provide an online seminar on astrology, or an esoteric topic, please send REQUEST to the office with details.

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For professional groups, public speaking, or discussion panel requests, please make a REQUEST of the office.


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