Donna Ellis became acquainted with astrology in the late 1960s. She was drawn to the twenty-five-cent pocket horoscope annuals at the drugstore, and talked her grandmother into buying one.

As a teenager, Donna began to read widely about meditation, yoga, herbalism, divination, and esoteric topics. Out with a group of like-minded friends, she also met her first astrology mentor.

She received formal training from American Federation of Astrologers, and a forecasting credential from London School of Astrology. Her practice serves private clients who range in age from teens to well into their 70s, with global birth locations.

Born in New York, Donna spent thirty years of her adult life in Los Angeles. In her teens and twenties, she played bass guitar in blues and rock bands. She also worked as an advertising manager, freelance writer, broadcaster and radio news reporter, and was behind the scenes in film and television.

Donna has happily adapted to a new form of broadcasting—online seminars. She enthusiastically shares from her more than forty-five years of study and practical application of everything from esoteric arts to garden keeping.

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