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Donna Ellis is an astrologer, writer, and speaker.

Her interest in astrology goes back to the late 1960s, when horoscope annuals were available for twenty-five cents at the drug store. By 1973, Donna had begun to explore meditation, yoga, and esoteric subjects, and found others who shared her interests. That same year, a mentor gave Donna her first natal chart and astrology reading.

Within a few years, she had turned her metaphysical studies into the practices and routines she still finds valuable today. Along the way, she got to know a number of astrologers and absorbed more knowledge in the field than she had realized.

As a young woman, Donna worked in media and entertainment, including on stage as a musician, on radio as a news broadcaster, and behind the scenes in film and television.

Deeper interests began to merge with earning a living when she worked in the office of a metaphysical bookstore, surrounded by world religions, and esoteric thought. Her professional focus took further shape in college when a professor encouraged her to pursue writing as a profession.

Finally, following a shift in family and work life, Donna asked another astrology mentor for career guidance. She thought Donna should become an astrologer, and  advised her to learn from the beginning, to make sure her education was complete.

Donna lives in America but her clients are from all parts of the world, and range in age from teens to well into their 70s. You may read a few of their testimonials, here.

Since 2019, Donna’s client practice is entirely online. She also holds two live lectures, monthly, online.

She is an associate member of, and adheres to the code of ethics of, the American Federation of Astrologers.

Work with Donna online in a live lecture group, or in an individual consultation.

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