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Hello, I am Donna Ellis.

I am trained in western astrology and I provide individual consultations. My practice moved to online video conference in 2019, but I can provide phone consultations for those who do not choose to access the internet.

My interest in astrology goes back to the late 1960s, when horoscope annuals were available for twenty-five cents. By 1973, I had begun to explore meditation, yoga, and esoteric subjects. That same year, a mentor gave me my first natal astrology chart reading.

Within a few years, I had refined my studies into practices, and sought others who shared my enthusiasm. I also knew a number of astrologers and absorbed more knowledge in the field than I had realized.

My young working years were filled with jobs in media and entertainment, including on stage as a musician, on radio as a news broadcaster, behind the scenes in film and television. Deeper interests began to merge with earning a living when I worked as an office assistant and bookkeeper in a metaphysical bookstore.

In college I studied studio art, and English. A professor encouraged me to pursue writing as my profession. I had an unfortunate relationship with algebra and, if not for that, I may have graduated. Or I might have taken up astrology in the very early days before computer programs.

Timing is everything. A career change dilemma brought me to another astrology mentor. She suggested that I become an astrologer. Her advice was to learn from the beginning so that I would cover anything missing from my inadvertent lessons.

Like many of you, I work online. I live in America but my clients are from all parts of the world, and range in age from teens to well into their 70s.

I am a associate member and adhere to the code of ethics of the American Federation of Astrologers.

If you are interested in what others think of my work, you may read a few of my clients’ comments, here.

I have immersed myself in my enthusiasm for esoteric subjects–and the garden–for more than forty-five years. From this I have developed practices and methods that work meaningfully for me. I share this experience, along with many of my stories of discovery and mishap, in my online live workshops, as well as in videos and publications.

If you are familiar with my work as a writer on the garden, herbalism, or astrology, including my older blogs, I may eventually merge much of that material to some format in my new website. Although I am writing online a little less at this point because I’m so busy talking online, I appreciate your interest.

Clients come to me in many ways, including referral or chance. I am greatly interested to learn how you found me, and, as a person who values the origin of all good mysteries, I look forward to hearing the inspiration that brought you to astrology.

I hope to see you soon in a live online group, or in an individual online consultation.

Please read my privacy, FAQs/terms, philosophy of work.

Wishing you all good things,
Donna Ellis